Dear partners, we would like to inquire whether you plan to hold a two-day online workshop. The event can be held in English or German. We are searching for educational activities for our members who want to develop within the Erasmus+ project. What do our members need: 1) to improve their work and activities for the benefit of trainees, it means to deepen their know-how within the field of democracy and active citizenship; 2) to develop their democratic competencies and thus further influence the target group of adult learners; 3) to gain a better understanding of adult learning practices, policy and systems, all of these in line with European challenges and strategies in the field of democracy and active citizenship. We also look for other online two-days events for the project which deals with the future of employees in the area of digitization, robotics and automation and their impact on the personnel processes that are associated with it. The online event should focused on: 1) introduction of elements digitization, robotics and automation into personnel processes of education of employees in the digital sphere, 2) impacts and influences of digitization, robotics and automation on corporate culture and corporate processes, 3) motivation of people to self-development in the digital era, 4) anything related to these topics, such as current trends orthe future of digitization, robotics and automation. Because we are looking for online activities for our Erasmus+ projects, we prefer the events without participation fees. We would appreciate it if you could inform us about your international online events which are in agreement with the goals of one of the projects. We are looking forward for cooperation with your organization. The contact person: Mrs. Lenka Prokopová, sekce.gender@kpms.cz